Service Plans and Rates

Standard Hourly Rate$125.00/hr.

Standard hourly rate pricing applies to normal business hours [Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm, excluding Holidays].

  • All work performed BEFORE 8:00am or AFTER 8:00pm (Monday through Friday will be billed at a rate of 1.5 hours per each hour worked. This is also referred to as URGENT response time.
  • All work performed on Saturdays will be billed at a rate of 2 hours per each hour worked. This is also referred to as EMERGENCY response time.
  • All work performed on Sundays & Holidays will be billed at a rate of 3 hours per each hour worked. This is also referred to as CRITICAL response time.

All on-site service calls will be subject to 0.5 hours for a trip charge. However, trip charges will be waived if the visit consists of at least 2 billable hours.

All phone calls that results in systems support will be billable in 0.25 incremental hourly billing.

ANNUAL SUPPORT PLAN offers an annual support plan at only $250.00/month – which includes up to 3 hours monthly. This allows customers to save BIG on their IT budgets while also providing an automatic discount to the standard hourly rate. Additional hours over and above the included 3 hours will be billed at only $100.00/hr. In addition to the discounted hourly rate, even more hours can also be purchased in bulk at an even greater discounted rate. This is called Block-Time. (See below for description.)

Each annual agreement will be for a contract term of no less than 12 months. Annual agreements can also be discounted if paid in advance:

Pay for 6 months and save 10% – ($1,350.00)
Pay for 12 months and save 20% – ($2,400.00)

The monthly included hours cannot be banked or carried over month to month. And all billable hours apply to the same rate schedule as listed above. The ultimate goal is to keep all of your systems maintained at a 100% uptime level through automation, scheduled tasks and remote access. To achieve this goal, however, your business must be willing to invest in your infrastructure to ensure systems can be adequately maintained. I can help you make the important business decisions to maintain a healthy IT environment.


5 hours – $95.00/hr.  ($475)
10 hours – $90.00/hr.  ($900)
20 hours – $85.00/hr.  ($1,700)
40 hours+ – $75.00/hr.  ($3,000)

About Block-Time

Block-Time is a cost effective plan with which you can take care of all of your personal computing, networking and system administration needs. Block-Time can be used for any of the services provided by It covers everything from planning and installation, to on-going support and managed services. It is a simple and flexible approach to obtaining professional computer services, no matter what you might need.

Block-Time can be applied toward a wide variety of services over an unspecified period of time. There is no “use it or lose it” deadline, nor are they any terms that limit its use to certain types of services or products. All of the services provided by can be billed against Block-Time. If more time is needed than was initially contracted for, additional Block-Time can be purchased at the same discounted rate.

Time is accurately tracked for each use of your Block-Time hours. You will receive a statement for each support activity, indicating the type of service performed, the amount of time used, and the time remaining under the current contract.

(Customers will NOT be charged at the higher rates (URGENT, EMERGENCY or CRITICAL) if our response time is quicker than initially requested.)